If you’ve stumbled here, you’ve found my blog! You can find out some information about me on my about page, but here’s some more of my history.

I started in this field by building a small tiny company with a friend doing web design for local businesses while we were still in high school. We were doing what we thought to be some really cool stuff at the time, taking some bold design ideas and learning how to implement them. Once I started my degree at Northern Arizona University, I put anything web-related away for awhile while being taught the fundamentals of programming and data structures in Python and Java.

By the time I started focusing on the web again, I was learning real web “development” in PHP. My pinnacle achievement was a very simple private messaging application, which would help land me my first job doing web development in ASP.NET. Since then, I have learned ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC, and written some basic training and tutorials for both MVC and MEAN stack development.

Academically, I’ve done research work in heathcare informatics in cooperation with Northern Arizona Healthcare. That project gave me the opportunty to learn web development with Django and Postgres while working with GIS mapping data.

My hope for this blog is to chronicle my work through my career as a software engineer as I continue to learn and grow. Feel free to get in contact with me either in the comments below or on Twitter.

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